Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Turning 76 !

The years just seem to fly ! It appears that I have totally neglected the year , 2010. I'm sure Facebook tended to take it's place. Although sometimes it becomes depressing enough to keep me away from it for days, even weeks or months. At other times , when I get to look at pictures of my loved ones - - or hear good "family news" - Facebook give me joy for a time. I have noticed how e-mails have slowed down to a snails pace - - and I miss the days in the past , when that was our only "Sharing" (Outside of holidays or celebrations and Telephone) Well here it is - -2011 - and I have just passed my 76th birthday! Sometimes almost startled at my relatively good health at this age. Startled , I suppose - because of those that have gone on - so much younger!! My sister-in-law, Carol,(64) My friends from childhood, Sharon(64) and Marianne(about 62) and our son, Edward John(53) (I miss them all) Life goes on - and still I am reminded that "EVERDAY is a GIFT" !

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - -

It has come all too quickly! Even though we look forward to 14 days on a cruise ship to Hawaii, it is kind of sad that our time up here is ending. Each summer goes faster!
Especially in the evenings, we can tell that Autumn is well on it's way - -

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two storms in 3 days! The ground really got soaked! Yesterday's thunderstorm included a Hail storm - - very noisy - kind of exciting! and it sure was good for the ground and the fire dangers.
Woke up at 6:10 a.m. to an overcast sky - - the first time in a long time --- but now at 8:40 the sun has broken through and once again -- a beautiful day! (Not that even overcast days aren't beautiful - but there is something about sunshine filtering through trees -- - -:)
It's time for Rebel and me to go on our "morning walk in the woods" - - in fact it's a bit late for us - it's warming up quickly out there -- should be out by 7:30 --
Got looking up old letters - got a bit nostalgic - had fun reminiscing here in my computer - - tsk tsk -- should get dressed and go enjoy romping in the sunny Forest -- so yes -- I think I shall!
Til another time - - -

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July! - 2009

On this quiet 4th of July - - Ralph and I look back on so many that we have spent together -- that weren't "quiet" ! 55 years ago - and for many years after -- we walked our 4 offspring down to the corner of Shepard Ave in Kenmore, N.Y. to view the annual parade - - ! Then back to Grandma Judge and Aunt Babe's family -- for yummy picnic fare! Fireworks at Sheridan park!
Then came the years of "camping" with our family and usually with several other families. Campfires! S'mores! Corn on the cob!
Then our 4 grew up -- and began having families of their own -- and our move to Arizona brought a pool into the equation - where for years, ours was the only pool - - so not only on the fourth of July -- but often every Sunday - it was a pool party - - with hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. -
And then - for 8 summers -- we experienced our Cottage on Round Lake in Ontario, Canada!
Where the 4th was celebrated with our friend Sharon and her family - the John Jacksons and often Jill and her family . Fireworks off the dock and into the lake! yummy food! lotsa laughs!

Times change and we change with them, as the saying goes. As families "expand" with grandchildren and obligations of their own --
2008 found us at our latest small "abode" - - in Show Low. A Park model cabin - just big enuf' for two.
Our son Eddy came up with his dtr.(our Granddaugher) Missy --and his granddaugher Sophia, and Eddy stayed with us. And we had visits from Connie and Dan - - And Vanessa - Eddy's granddaughter (our great grand) - and her mommy, Amanda! A busy weekend! And fun! They all went to fireworks - - we watched them on TV ! :)
Now it's 2009 - - our son Eddy has left our world -- and we miss him - and we're thankful for the memories -- .
Today on this fourth - We had KFC with side dishes (Pot luck) by all of us in our little RV community - in the clubhouse.
There were decorations of red, white and blue -- - - and an hour or so of "socializing" with our neighbors - -
yes - "Things change, and we change with them " --
We've adapted --and are grateful for each other. 57 (almost) years "together" - -and I love this man more than ever! (if "more" was ever possible)

There will be fireworks tonight in town -- but - -we'll watch them on TV, thank you! :)
And! We are content -- (and thankful) - after years of busyness and yet quite happy for this time of "not so busy" - and rather "quiet" - -

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tis March-2009

- -and there is sadness in our space - - We have lost the fun of our Son Eddy , in our lives.
A very sudden passing - - and the shock of it almost unbearable. But Bear it we do -and will.
We try daily to concentrate on all those things about and with Eddy that we have - to be so thankful for , and which give us wonderful memories. We are thankful that today would have been his 2nd year anniversary of Sobriety! His 6th month of smoke-free living!
We are thankful that the past Holiday season was spent with so many days with him , right here with us in our home - while his brother , Johnny also visited us.What fun ! What laughter! what craziness!
We're thankful that we were with him on February 8th - to celebrate my birthday, and had such a fun and GOOD visit! I am thankful for the book he "Gifted" me with - titled "Listening is an Act of Love" -but a little angry with him for not signing it as he usually does :)
But that's ok --I'll get over it. I'll treasure all the other books that ARE signed lovingly!
So - this is just a little "therapy" for me -- and to help me remember to be thankful - always - for the sparkle and zest for living that our first son so often brought into our lives. His Dad will miss, so very much, their hour long (or more) telephone talks about cooking, shopping for the cooking, cars, Bicycles (and putting them together:) - that took place at least once a week!
We'll miss his visits to our place in Show Low that he loved so much! We'll miss SO much of Eddy!